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YMMV / Star Trek S3 E22 "The Savage Curtain"

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  • Bizarro Episode: You know it's gonna be a weird one if it starts with Abraham Lincoln floating around in space. Don't you just love Season 3?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Col. Green, despite this being his only appearance in the original series. Green was such a fun character, even his actor loved the part. Star Trek: Enterprise writer Manny Coto was another fan, and had hoped to feature the bad guy in the show, which ended up becoming a reality when the character had a cameo in a video recording from the mid-21st century watched by the isolationist industrialist John Frederick Paxton in the episode Demons.
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  • Narm: "Help me! Spock!" Possibly deliberately. Spock knows no Vulcan, especially not Surak, would cry out like that.
  • Values Dissonance: Abraham Lincoln refers to Uhura as a "charming Negress". He seems to realize right away that his words, well meant as they were are inappropriate and apologizes. Uhura, not offended in the least, tells him that in the future, people have learned not to fear words. And they shake hands.


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