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YMMV / Star Trek: Federation

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  • Complete Monster: Colonel Adrik Thorsen, of the Optimum Movement, commits a one-sided massacre of civilians and New United Nations peacekeepers aboard a space station in order to steal a ship for a trip to the outer solar system; he then kills his own foot soldiers so that he can take all the credit. After a Time Skip, he's the public face of the Optimum in Britain and is orchestrating mass executions of civilian demonstrators and anyone who doesn't match up to the Optimum's idea of what humans should look like. He captures and tortures Zefram Cochrane and a pair of Resistance operatives in pursuit of a superweapon, the so-called warp bomb, that according to a lengthy lecture by Cochrane on warp physics is actually impossible. After Cochrane and the Resistance nearly kill him in their escape, Thorsen is rebuilt with nanotech and becomes obsessed with payback. After another time skip, he has Cochrane's wife and students murdered. After a third time skip, he manipulates the Klingons and the Orion Syndicate into kidnapping Cochrane and taking a starliner full of civilians hostage—Kirk's crew rescues them, but not before they kill one of the hostages—and orders a cruiser to fly into a black hole after Cochrane's shuttle. After a final time skip, he hijacks the Enterprise-D and sends her into the same black hole to get Cochrane.
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  • Take That, Scrappy!: The book makes Wesley Crusher its Butt-Monkey. In order, he is the victim of a Snipe Hunt, gets lung damage from an Explosive Decompression (due to his own foolishness in holding his breath in a vacuum, which is something he absolutely should know about), and is used as a hostage by Thorsen-as-Data. But then he comes back and overcomes Thorsen-as-Data by hitting his off switch. Riker even gets in a "Shut up, Wesley," during the Snipe Hunt conversation, although not in those exact words.


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