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YMMV / Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 05 E 08 Things Past

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  • Tearjerker: Odo confesses to the true nature of his actions.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Odo's role in getting the three Bajorans executed is made out by Kira to be his Moral Event Horizon, even though he didn't do so out of antipathy for the Bajorans or any particular admiration for the Cardassians, but basically because he got sloppy with an investigation. Yes, it was a tragic, terrible mistake, but unfortunately it's one that can happen to just about any officer of the law, and everything indicates that Odo learned from his experience and made sure never to repeat it. Kira's reaction instead ends up suggesting that she'd put Odo on such an absurdly high pedestal that sooner or later, something was going to knock him off of it.
    • Arguably, the point. Odo has been put on a pedestal because he IS special, or rather, has made himself as such through his choices. On top of managing station security during the Occupation - a truly nightmarish job for anyone with the smallest hint of morality - Odo is the only one of his people who has developed a real moral sense. The best the Founders can manage when they aren’t kicking every dog in sight is paternalistic condescending affection; they only really care about their own kind to an extreme degree. Even Laas who also lived most of his life among solids basically displays a slightly more understated version of the same attitude. This makes his mistakes all the more glaring and poignant.

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