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YMMV / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S02E07 "Rules of Acquisition"

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  • Ho Yay: This episode is notable as containing one of the few explicit references to homosexuality in the franchise, when Dax figures out that Pel is in love with Quark, and is then surprised to learn that she's a woman. Of course, a Trill would have a bit of a different view on this kind of thing.
  • Informed Wrongness: The Nagus initially offers to give the Bajorans a huge amount of fertilizer (enough for the entire "Northern Peninsula") as a "gift" to try and get into Kira's good graces. After she accepts, he clarifies he'll sell it to them for "a quarter the usual price," and then offers it "at cost" before Sisko convinces him to keep true to his original offer and give it to them for free. No matter his motivation for doing it, anyone who is willing to sell a product at 25% of its original price is giving you a pretty sweet deal, and this is the Ferengi we're talking about, profit is everything to them.note  The nagus may be a Dirty Old Man, but he was making an extremely generous offer and was treated like a con artist for it. To be fair, he had already offered it as a gift and was also just testing how much the Bajorans/Federation were going to let him get away with.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The episode opens with Pel telling Quark about sand peas that make people thirsty so they drink more, which would boost profits at his bar. The main plot of the episode concerns the two securing a trade negotiation for tula berries to make wine, but the idea never occurs to either of them to bring sand peas into things in any way, such as offering the peas to the Dosi so they can make more profit, too.
  • Values Dissonance: To play up their sexism, the Ferengi are repeatedly shown groping women, even after the victims have made it clear it's unwelcome. (It's not just Zek pinching Kira; Quark attempts to fondle Jadzia in the teaser.) This wasn't really acceptable when the episode originally aired in 1993, but it's become far more problematic after a few decades.


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