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YMMV / Star Trek: Armada

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  • Fridge Horror: If you've played these games before reading this Trope page, you probably didn't realize how little value people's lives have in them.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Borg fusion cube/tactical fusion cube are seriously overpowered. There's only one constructed and fought in the main story, but once you have access to it, you can pretty much guarantee a victory. In the main campaign, it's only available for the final Borg mission of the game, but one is sufficient to kill the Final Boss solo with sufficient upgrades.

      There's an attempt at balancing it out by having the crew on board be fairly easily killed off, but they have crews of 4800 and 5400 respectively, so by the time it really begins to make a difference, you've probably already finished off the majority of enemy ships and what's left can be dealt with by the other ships at your disposal. Adding insult to injury, Diamond science ships can cast the game-breaking "Shield Remodulation" on any Fusion Cube to make it temporarily invulnerable.
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    • Also Borg Transwarp gate+Romulan Subspace rift ship. Bypasses the weakness of the Romulan weapon and clears a nice foothold for your fleet.
    • The Klingon Frigate, the Koloth Class, can qualify as well. Combine a couple with some Science Ships for the "Death Chant" buff and a fleet of Negh'Var &/or Qeh'Rel battleships and watch your fleet tear through the enemy's fleet and base. The fleet is not as durable as the Fusion Cubes but still delivers rivaled mass destruction.
  • Goddamned Bats: The Borg during the Federation campaign in Armada II. During most missions you are likely to be always under attack by parties of at least several Deflectors and Interceptors, draining your resources early in missions.
    • Along the Neutral Zone is particularly nasty, especially if you don't explore the map to see that the enemy base is behind a wall of turrets. And that's before the Enterprise flies in demanding repair ships situated behind the wall.
    • Most later missions actively start with you having to chase Borg ships away from your base if you want to build anything, rarely ever giving you a moment to breathe.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: The Premonition is one of the last remaining ships from a future where almost everybody, including most likely all of the major characters from the series set in the TNG era, are now mutilated, cadaveresque, cybernetic Borg drones, trapped within their own minds for the rest of their existance until they're disposed of like meat and used batteries. Have a wonderful day!
  • Sequelitis: Armada II isn't bad enough to cross into The Problem with Licensed Games territory, but it's widely seen as an inferior sequel due to poor game balance, the 3-D battlefield being mostly superfluous, and a less interesting story for the single-player campaign.

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