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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The theory has been made that her power is actually the ability to warp reality. This is why she is able to defeat such strong opponents; the "talking to squirrels" shtick is just what she chooses to live as. Some people even think that she might be an Aspect/Avatar/Personification of The One-Above-All himself, who occasionally comes to Earth to have a little fun.
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  • Author's Saving Throw by way of Worf Had the Flu: Uatu the Watcher is present in the panel where Squirrel Girl had defeated Thanos just to clarify that that Thanos isn't a "robot, clone, or simulacrum". Then in another series, Thanos mentions that he can create clones of himself that even the Watcher cannot tell aren't him. And then Word of God states that that Thanos really wasn't a clone. All these were written by Dan Slott, making him pingpong against himself. It's not the first time he's has gone back and forth like that. Just look at the whole She-Hulk/Juggernaut thing.
  • Base-Breaking Character: You either love Squirrel Girl for her overpowered nature or hate her for it. There is no middle ground!
  • Broken Base: Squirrel Girl's slightly chubbier redesign for her solo series. Some think she's still adorable, but others think the design choices made is a rather ill fit for her. Yet others like the design on its own, just not the art style that's being used to portray it.
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  • Fanon: Somehow people are convinced that the weaker the enemies, the more likely Squirrel Girl is to lose. (Tell that to the Bug-Eyed Voice and those muggers in Central Park.) This is only going to get worse now that she's been "defeated" by a baby.
  • Fanon Discontinuity:
    • Some fans ignore the canonicity of most of Squirrel Girl's victories; recognizing them as the jokes they are.
    • There was some furor over the implication that Logan (Wolverine) had had a fling with her, but that's been relegated to actual discontinuity; according to Ryan North (the writer of Squirrel Girl's solo series), she was just upset because he stole a cab from her.
  • Hype Backlash: Some people wouldn't be nearly so aggravated over all the "Squirrel Girl is awesome and can beat everybody" talk if it weren't repeated so constantly by so many of her fans.
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  • It Was His Sled: How she first defeated Doctor Doom (she sent her squirrel friends upon him). That was just the start...
  • Les Yay: You'll forgive my pun, but.. Ho boy, Nancy and Doreen/Squirrel Girl. Doreen says she loves her and they get physical quite often (though that could just be Doreen being Doreen), Nancy is the human friend she spends the most time with, and the issues dealing with time shenanigans gets really Ho Yay-y. In the final issue drawn by Erica Henderson, Doreen and Nancy get stuck in a heightened time stream, basically living out their lives alone together. They do eventually get out and reverse the aging, but lose all their memories as a result, though they leave a letter for their young selves. The final picture of the two aged up is them tearfully embracing each other. We never get to see what was in the letter.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Pick a comic book character, any comic book character, even a team of comic book characters. Put them up against Squirrel Girl, and Squirrel Girl will almost universally be the accepted winner.
    • Even Marvel's official website seems to have been affected. Just check out her official power ratings. By comparison: Dr. Doom's, The Sentry and Galactus!
    • Marvel's website contrasts the power levels the fans believe a character to be at with the power levels they are officially at. And its the official power levels that are through the roof (topping every single field), so Marvel thinks she's even more badass than even her fans do!
  • Memetic Mutation: She might have remained one of Marvel's many appeared-once-and-never-seen-again characters, if her disagreement with Doctor Doom hadn't become a meme.
  • Moe: She's really chipper and happy all the time.
  • My Real Daddy: She first appeared in a 1991 one-shot story by Will Murray and Steve Ditko, but if Dan Slott hadn't decided to bring her back 15 years later in the Great Lakes Avengers miniseries, she'd be just a minor footnote in Marvel history.
  • Never Live It Down: Squirrel Girl's writers are determined to rub the Armed with Canon fight in Doom's (hideously burned) face as often as possible.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: Compared to other comic book stories which are much darker, Squirrel Girl’s stories tend to be much lighter and softer in tone. Not to mention the fact that Doreen tends to beat foes quite easily, no matter how strong they are.


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