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YMMV / Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams

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  • Awesome Music: "Isle of Dreams", played during the credits.
  • Contested Sequel: Some say this movie is along the same lines of the original, while others think it's not nearly as good.
  • Critical Dissonance: The film has 75% (6.6/10) on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively, but an audience score of 38% (2.6/5). Also, on IMDb, the average rating is 5.1.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Gary Giggles. Carmen seems to think so too, at first.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Large Ham theme park owner Dinky Winks.
    • Juni's spy robot Ralph. The scene where he follows and spies on the Giggles is well regarded.
    • Romero, the charmingly played Reluctant Mad Scientist behind the island.
    • Gerti, for being a spunky Action Girl and a bit of a Wild Card in regards to her families plans.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Steve Buscemi plays Romero who created hybrid creatures that inhabit in his island and asks a memetic existential question about how "God stays in Heaven because He too lives in fear of what he's created here on Earth?" More than a decade later, Buscemi would play God in Miracle Workers.
    • The movie has a watch that can do virtually everything but tell time. Seems like Apple took this concept seriously.
  • Idiot Plot: The plot is largely driven by every character being stupid.
    • The president announces the new head of the OSS during his speech at the party. The screen he reads off of starts saying, "Gregorio Cortez", but then changes to "Donnagon Giggles". The way it happens makes it blatantly clear that his teleprompter was hacked, not experiencing a typo or malfunction, yet he never questions it. For that matter, the president is clearly about to say, "Gregorio Cortez" before his screen changes, yet no one at the party is suspicious of the obvious sabotage going on. Also, the president's announcement alone probably shouldn't be the deciding factor for who becomes head of the OSS, and the decision was probably already made before his announcement at the party. Shouldn't someone be investigating why his speech was changed instead of automatically instating Donnagon as the head?
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    • When Donnagon is making is speech, he promotes Gary and Gerti to level one agents. Is no one going to call him out on the blatant Nepotism?
    • At the party, all of the wine glasses have been drugged, and all the adults are rendered unconscious when they all have a toast. Apparently, the villains never considered that someone might drink from their glass before the big toast, which would've exposed them if it happened. The fact that one of the waiters tries to give a wine glass to Juni implies that they expected everyone to be knocked out, including the kids. Seems they Didn't Think This Through.
    • The Magnamen were able to steal the Transmooker device from the president after all the adults were drugged. If it's such a highly dangerous device that was on his desk initially, why did he just have it in his jacket pocket? The last time the device was seen, it was being carried away by helicopter, so you'd expect them to put it somewhere more secure, especially since it just got stolen.
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    • Juni gets fired from the OSS entirely because Gary Giggles accused him. Did no one seriously consider getting Juni's testimony on those events? Or the testimony of the other spy kids who were there?
      • For that matter, no one seriously questions how Juni got reinstated so quickly.
    • Carmen and Juni are able to learn about the Ukata assignment by having R.A.L.P.H. spy on Gary and Gerti as their father is briefing them on the mission. The reason R.A.L.P.H. was able to spy on them was because Juni apparently left it on his desk, which he knew was going to be cleaned out. You'd think he'd take a valuable piece of technology (and companion) with him when he left.
    • Felix gives Carmen and Juni the Ukata assignment, which he should know is a level one agent mission. Why does he not question why level two agents are getting this mission?
    • The Giggles siblings are put on a vessel to the Gobi Desert. Apparently, they relied solely on autopilot and never noticed that they were going somewhere far away from the location that their father told them to go to.
    • By the time they actually reach the island, you would think Carmen would've figured out by that point that electronic technology doesn't operate in that area, based on her experiences in the DragonSpy vessel and the amount of time she's had to think about it. Yet she still expects her spy gadgetry to make an automatic campsite on the beach.
    • Romero's growth serum falling into his "Romero's Zoo Two" is the reason for why the island is full of gigantic Mix-and-Match Critters. The flashback depicting this event shows a stunning lack of caution in his initial use of the serum.
    • Someone should fire the architect who designed the office of the head of the OSS. There is no way that room is safe at all. For one, there is no floor. There's just a regular desk on an elevated platform with very little walking room, and the only way to get across the deep abyss it stands in the middle of is to walk on very small floating platforms that fly over to beneath your foot just before you would take a step and fall to your death.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Do you think God stays in Heaven because He too lives in fear of what He's created?" The line has been paired with various disturbing or outrageous images online and often isn't attributed, leading people to discover on their own that it originated not from a famous philosopher or theologian but from a doofy children's film.
    • "shit talking mushrooms".
      • *skeletons oohing*
    • "How long have we been falling?" "I don't know, my watch doesn't tell time."
  • Padding:
    • Juni's relationship with Alexandra in the second film, who's daddy issues are barely explained and who doesn't reappear for the third film; Demetra herself isn't much better, and is forgotten about entirely after her Heroic Sacrifice.
    • To add to that, Juni is terminated from the OSS for all of a few hours before Carmen signs him back up, and nobody makes any fuss about this change.
  • Squick: Gerti and Gary wind up in a desert (due to Carmen and Juni's meddling) and are unsure of where they are. They fall into what at first seems to be a mud pit, only to look around and see camels surrounding them. Horrified, Gerti exclaims that it is, indeed, camel poop. Skip a few seconds into the future, and you see Gary opening his mouth and spitting a big chunk, "mud" out of his teeth.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: Part of the memetic charm to the "Do you think God stays in Heaven..." line is Steve Buscemi's dead-serious-to-the-point-of-surreal delivery.
  • Toy Ship: Juni and Alexandra.
  • Trailer Joke Decay: The joke about Juni's watch not being able to tell time, and the Brick Joke when Carmen asks him how long they've been falling and he responds, "I don't know; my watch doesn't tell time!" Both jokes were seen in multiple trailers, and always back-to-back (thus defeating the whole purpose of it being a Brick Joke).


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