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  • Complete Monster (North American version): General Douglas Lysander, aka "The Demon of Death", is a member of Enigma, Dietrich Troy's second-in-command, and head of the Lahder Biochemical Plant. Having fought in various wars since he was a teenager, Lysander lost all hope for America after they left him in a POW Camp. After escaping the Viet Cong, he swore vengeance on his own country, joining multiple terrorist groups over the years before partnering with Enigma, where he helps them with their plan to use Lahder to kill millions of Americans, also desiring to conquer the world after he's finished. As leader of the Columbian guerilla base Dante's Inferno, he abuses his men for any slight mishap, killing those who fail him. Working with Dr. Forrest Kayson, Lysander exchanges money for Kayson's Lahder, being in charge of shipping the gas to various Enigma hideouts, as well as preparing Lahder-filled missiles to strike other countries. Kidnapping and imprisoning Kayson's rival and creator of Lahder, Dr. Alice Coleman, she later escapes her cell. However, Lysander quickly catches her and puts her in a meat-strapped cage dangling over a pit of piranhas, taunting the Player Character about how their plans to stop Lahder's shipment and missile launches have failed. With his final breath, Lysander attempts to shoot Coleman. Despite appearing in only two levels, Lysander manages to stand out as an arrogant, psychopathic hypocrite compared to his more sympathetic, less ambitious superiors.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Lahder. A few seconds after inhalation, your body will get quickly covered in bleeding boils, then burst into a bloody mess - all in under a minute. That's if you're lucky and get the version that kills you that quickly, because guess what? Lahder can be modified so that it has a days or weeks-long dormancy period, during which it's completely asymptomatic but can still spread from victim to victim.
  • Shocking Swerve: Every twist in the game, really, seeing as most of them come in the last few chapters with minor foreshadowing at best.
  • Uncanny Valley: Sheila and Dr. Coleman are extremely fisheyed, which looks very off-putting in closeups.

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