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YMMV / SpongeBob SquarePants S 3 E 11 "Party Pooper Pants"

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  • Ass Pull: SpongeBob had a key under the mat the entire time? Well, it clearly was NOT there when SpongeBob was stranded outside and was ONLY shown to joke about SpongeBob's easy pass inside.
    • The police officers arresting SpongeBob for no good reason also qualifies as such.
  • Broken Base: The episode's quality. Some people think it's one of more forgettable pre-movie episodes; no thanks to SpongeBob uncharacteristically bossing everyone around at his party and unnecessary filler, while others find it okay in its own right with some okay jokes.
  • Earworm: Even detractors of the episode agree that "Underwater Sun" was an amazing and catchy song.