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YMMV / Spelling Jungle

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  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Tigers from Jungle and Wolves from Blizzard. They can't be bribed, and once Wali gets near, they will chase after him repeatedly, killing him on contact. Even though they can't walk on grass or snow, this doesn't help much due to how persistent they are.
    • Dart Tricksters in both games require the player to either move quickly at a distance or find some way to block their sight, as their darts are very fast, travel the full distance unless it hits boulders, ice blocks, snowballs, rock walls or animals, and will kill Wali on hit.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Both the Gazelle and the Penguin can eat crucial bribe items lying around. While they can be used as protection against Tricksters, their random movement makes this iffy at best if one doesn't use a bribe on them.
    • Yetis in Spelling Blizzard can't kill Wali, but they can throw snowballs that will temporarily disorient Wali, making him move uncontrollably, often into more deadly hazards or even the wrong letters.
    • The Walruses in Blizzard move around semi-randomly, attempt to follow Wali when he's within distance, and can corner and block him if he gets too close. Although they can be bribed, they cannot be pushed. They can't kill Wali unlike the Crocodiles from Jungle, but being cornered with no way out often means having to reset the level.