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  • Anvilicious: The environmental message is very obvious in the first few episodes alone. They cut it out later on.
  • Awesome Music: The English theme song. This also aired in other Western countries.
  • Ham and Cheese:
    • At first the English dubbers seemed to be trying to do a fairly serious job, but in later episodes they seem to have just given up and run with the campiness of the rubber suit combat. Some prominent examples include:
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    • One episode where Spectreman's human alter ego is distracting a giant lobster monster by tossing its egg around, and doing football play-by-play calls as he does. Eventually Nebula tells him "you've indulged yourself in your childish game long enough" and to stop messing around and transform already.
    • In the Comet Mask serial they dubbed him as an intergalactic gunslinger with a Texan accent and changed his name to "Lone Comet" because he wears a cowboy hat. The Monsters of the Week were dubbed as a group of space outlaws who wanted to get back at Spectreman for killing their pa.
  • Narm: The imposingly named King Satan's roar is a stock car brakes noise.
  • Woolseyism: The English dub is obviously not word-for-word from the Japanese script and includes plenty of English idioms, regional American accents, and amusing ad-libs, especially from the ape-man Karras. This influence is believed to be due to Mel Welles, a notable Hollywood actor best known for the florist role in Roger Corman's comedy Little Shop of Horrors. For Spectreman, Welles is credited as director of the English version, associate producer, and co-writer ("screen adaptation"); he is also thought to have done voicework for some characters.


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