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  • Awesome Music: The main theme became Recycled Trailer Music for years. If anyone is wondering how they got John Williams to do the music for this one, he had an opening in his schedule when Spielberg's musical of Peter Pan fell apart, and his friend then-Fox music head Lionel Newman (brother to Alfred, and uncle of Randy, Thomas and David) told him about this project. Lionel Newman receives "Special Thanks" in the end credits.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • It's bad enough this was released after the Challenger disaster.note  One of the Blue Team's mission simulations ends with them burning up on re-entry. Think about that for a second.
      Andie: You're all dead because you didn't work together as a team. (to Kevin) And you're responsible.
      Kevin: Me?!
      Andie: That's right. You are shuttle commander, which means you are responsible for everything that happens on this ship!
      Kevin: I didn't ask to be responsible, remember?
      Andie: That's a pitiful excuse for killing six people.
    • Also, during the mission, Tish was the one who thought that they had died (twice) due to the malfunctions. Kelly Preston passed away due to breast cancer in 2020.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Andie is played by Kate Capshaw, who is perhaps better remembered for a movie she appeared in two years earlier, where she played a nightclub singer who seemed to scream most of the time.
    • Yes, that's Marty McFly's mothernote  playing Kathryn, one of the campers.note 
    • Disney fans may recognize Tate Donovan (Kevin), who played the title character in Hercules. Fans of The O.C. might recognize him as Jimmy Cooper.
    • Jinx and the NASA computer voice are just a couple of the many roles played by legendary voice actor Frank Welker.
    • Max is played by a young Joaquin Phoenix in his second ever film role.