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  • Acceptable Targets: In "Random Arma 3 Antistasi Bullshittery - part 1/5", Womble and the rest of the clan have a laugh at the in-game propaganda pamphlets, whose mini-text jabs at David Cameron and the UK Conservative Party.
    Womble: We're undermining the Conservative Party?
    Digby: We are, apparently!
    Chinny: I'm up for this, I'm down!
    Womble: I'm totally down for this, this is great! [...] I'm just glad it's not about Brexit, otherwise the box would be on fire.
    • Antistasi 3/5 reveals that Womble is also not a fan of Britain's worst-regarded newspaper.
      Womble: (looking at an in-game war correspondent) Hang on, he's from the Daily Mail! [opens fire]
  • Broken Base: Some viewers are uncomfortable with amount of sex and Fanservice-related jokes towards Nep whenever she's around, and since there's a bit of uncertainty as to how comfortable she is with them, whether or not it's okay is a bit of a touchy subject. For what it's worth, Soviet acknowledged and apologized for any potential misbehavior, stating that Nep is good friends with the clan and it's all in good fun, but also agreeing to tone it down.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: For ZF, there is no line.
    • Several jokes that get thrown around in Womble's videos reference things like the Nazis and the Holocaust. Edges towards Refuge in Audacity when it's the German clan members like Gambit or Poro who get in on the jokes. Soviet is usually the one to lampshade this.
      Gambit: Alpha one-one, this is Gas Chamber...
      Soviet: You can't have the callsign "Gas Chamber"!
      Gambit: Alpha one-one, this is Auschwitz, we are getting ready for air support as soon as you are there, over.
      ZF Member: (Incredulously) He's named himself "Auschwitz".
      Soviet: I don't even know anymore.
    • The entirety of "Random Arma Bullshittery (part 9)", which could be alternatively titled "The ZF Clan Becomes a Terrorist Cell," making a slow descent into villainy that in other contexts would be crossing multiple Moral Event Horizons utterly hysterical. Their increasingly violent logo and theme song really solidify it.
      Badgers! They were the badgers!
      For henceforth they have announced a partnership with ISIS! (plays "Saleel al-Sawarim")
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    • "The Dancing Lich" features Soviet managing to pull this trope off in a different way, playing an uncomfortably polite and creepily-voiced lich in Blade and Sorcery, forcibly dancing with visibly and audibly terrified women in to pleasant classical music, along with the occasional casual dismemberment. It's as borderline disturbing and hilarious as it sounds.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Zeb was just a random and only appeared for a brief moment in "Random Space Engineers Bullshittery (part 2)", but he's frequently mentioned as one of the most hilarious parts of the episode, with many hoping he reappears or even becomes part of the clan in the future.
    • "Random The Culling Bullshittery (part 2)" introduced two: The inanimate rock Soviet named "Clive" (who was so popular he got a fanmade Twitter account only 20 minutes from his introduction on stream), and Soviet's little brother Lamram/"Jack", whose brutal takedown of Soviet and Cyanide is hilariously satisfying.
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  • He Really Can Act: Many commentators were surprised to learn that the titular character of "The Dancing Lich" wasn't a voiceover from something else for a gag, but was in fact Womble himself pulling off his best British Joker voice. Even the horrifying scream at the ending was all him!
  • Memetic Mutation: "Womble is a faggot."Explanation 
  • Never Live It Down:
    • Invoked after the Curb-Stomp Battle and Cyanide revealing he had gotten Team EnVyUs NBK and Enkay as ringers, they stayed around to play some additional games before Cyanide lets out a scream of amazement - he had knifed NBK. Soviet laments the fact that he's never going to let that go and is going to end most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive conversations with "Well, I knifed NBK!".
    • Womble himself won't live it down at the fact he had a "prostate exam" at a relatively young age (PSA screenings are usually done around 40 years old or so). His clan will not let him forget about it.
      TeamSpeak Announcer: Your channel was edited. User joined your channel.
      Cyanide: Soviet got fingered by a dude!
      TeamSpeak Announcer: User disconnected.
      Womble: Ugh... It was a legitimate medical procedure, it is normal for a man my age—- nearly normal for a man my age to have a prostate exam. Did he seriously wake up at 3 A.M. just to come online and say that?
    • It'll probably be quite some time before Womble getting stuck in his bathroom for 3 hours will stop being funny to some of his clanmates.
    • Gambit will never be able to live down the fact that he called the bow of the Titanic the "boog." Even if it actually is German for "bow", the ZF Clan clearly still get a kick out of that.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • "The Fairfax Residence", a video of Womble and Cyanide in a SWAT 4 mission not included in a proper Bullshittery, and for good reason. While there is occasional levity, the two approach the mission (breaking into the house of a Mad Artist Serial Killer and rescuing his captive) with utmost seriousness, making it as chilling and tense as that implies.
    • The Dancing Lich, while hilarious, is terrifying once you stop to think about it. In-character, the lich is forcing women to dance with him and they're all screaming their heads off. It's like watching The Joker in action once again, only this time he's a total creep. One woman manages to run away and try to hide and Womble simply teleports twice to get in her way, only for her to run away. We then get to see a pile of severed heads Womble has collected from his previous dance partners. "Oh well, one born every minute." Then he roars, catches up with the last on, slams her head into a door three times before slicing her head off with one stroke. Yikes.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • While it is primarily Played for Laughs, it is rather heartbreaking to watch Womble being the idealistic Token Good Teammate of the Resistance in Random Arma Bullshittery Part 9, being horrified by his comrades various crimes and slowly becoming more and more disillusioned, with the once triumphant theme song for the Badgers, which started out declaring that they fight for freedom and democracy, becoming darker each time it plays, ending with it calling them terrorists (which Soviet agrees is true) and announcing that they've made an agreement to become part of ISIS, followed by Soviet joining in on using civilians as human shields. Even more so, his enthusiasm for being part of the Resistance becomes tragic when he ends up accidentally causing the its destruction, because no one bothered to tell him that the Russians could zero in on the sound of a mortar firing, despite at least one of them knowing about this and all of them knowing that he was fooling around with the AI mortar team just outside of the Resistance HQ.
    • Additionally, one could feel their heartstrings being pulled whenever he plays horror games; Womble himself admits that he doesn't do well with them, and it shows, considering that he gets absolutely terrified whenever they start getting down to the actual horror aspects. His Alien: Isolation playthrough is especially memorable for the fact that the poor guy was hyperventilating at several points, and there were even a few times where he had to step away from the keyboard to re-compose himself before pushing on.


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