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  • Americans Hate Tingle: While not much of a success in Japan either, the series is especially hated and given very negative reviews in the west, for being a Slice of Life Moe-pandering prequel to Soul Eater, where the original anime and manga were very popular. The fact that Soul Eater Not! was made over a potential continuation to the original only adds fuel to the fire.
  • Ass Pull: In the anime, Tsugumi gains the ability to fly just like Soul did in the manga and did so by mostly using her imagination. A lot of fans erupted in anger at this, since not only was it never foreshadowed that she can do this, but it was also clearly established in the manga that the only reason Soul was capable of flying, despite being a scythe, was because of two things: his new Death Scythe abilities and Maka's Grigori soul. The fact that this new ability of hers is rarely, if ever, questioned, or even explained past her just using her imagination, didn't help any matters. While it could be explained Tsugumi may have one herself and being a weapon allows her to more easily transform, that just leads into another kind of Ass Pull since, you know, none of that was foreshadowed. Tellingly, the manga never includes it.
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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: It's Soul a moe Slice of Life show.
  • Awesome Music: If there is anything that fans and haters of NOT can agree on, it's that the opening song "monochrome" by Dancing Dolls is really fun and catchy.
  • Broken Base: Oh boy. You can count the things about this show that the fandom is NOT broken about on one hand.
    • Asking fans of the original Soul Eater "What do you think of NOT?" tends to bring out different reactions. Some love it just as much as Soul Eater, some find it okay but nowhere near as good or entertaining, while others completely ignore its existence.
    • The way the anime is designed has received mixed responses. Some fans are a accepting of the new style, or at least willing to tolerate it for the sake of the show, because it reflects how different NOT is. Other fans are disappointed that it doesn't have that unique cartoon feel that the original Soul Eater had, and instead looks like another anime about Moe, something which the first anime was nearly void of.
      • Is the new style justified because NOT is a slice of life and so it is supposed to look normal? Or did it not have to be moe at all and it's just a poor excuse to cash into the market?
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    • The designs of the original Soul Eater cast. Good god did the fandom nearly tear themselves apart after they were revealed. One faction of the argument is fully against the designs, claiming that it lacks the charm that the original Soul Eater had and so they not only look different, but they also don't feel like the same characters. The other faction has completely embraced the new designs, pointing out that it was inevitable because of the new design, and that because NOT is a slice of life it is justified. Both factions agree, though, that they still prefer the original design of Soul Eater overall.
      • Tsubaki's new design was the biggest base breaker out of the original cast. While many have pointed out that her design matches what she looked like in the prequel chapters, others have also pointed out minor unneeded changes such as her bust size becoming bigger. There's also the argument that out of all the main cast, only she kept her prequel appearance, which was the most showing out of all of them. This has lead to minor fights as to whether or not her new appearance is justified.
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    • Sid's death was shown to take place during NOT's time, which is about a year before the prologues of Soul Eater. This tore the fandom into two factions. The first being those who believed this screws over Soul Eater's timeline, citing how Sid's death was handled in ways that this wouldn't work, and how Liz and Patty's development comes off as too quick if this was the case. The second are those who argued that it fits in just fine with the timeline, and that it really only works if you completely ignore Soul Eater's anime and instead fit it into the manga's timeline.
    • And finally, was the NOT anime really as horrible as some Soul Eater fans say it was, or was the treatment it received unfair? Both sides can agree that NOT anime had plenty of flaws, but remain divided on just how bad those flaws were, and on whether it held any merit as a Soul Eater spin-off and prequel.
  • Complete Monster: Shaula Gorgon is the youngest of the three Gorgon sisters and will do anything to take down the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) and prove her superiority to her siblings. Going undercover as DWMA staff, Shaula kidnaps civilians to perform heinous experiments on them and turning them into bloodthirsty soldiers for herself known as "Traitors", disposing of them as they outlive their usefulness to her. Attempting to unleash madness in Death City, Shaula allows her Traitors to run amok, killing as they please, forcing Meme to fight her friends and then trying to personally kill her along with the other protagonists when this fails.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Shaula Gorgon, just like her sisters Medusa and Arachne. Though some say she's more of a Cute Witch rather than a Hot Witch.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: To many, many Soul Eater fans, this series never happened. At all.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A majority of fans will admit that the only reason they watched the anime, or read the manga, is because they just wanted to see the original Soul Eater cast again.
    • Or to see Shaula, who is probably the most interesting part of the spinoff.
  • Les Yay: Oh Lordy: Tsugumi fangirling Maka and restyling her hair into pigtails, Tsugumi faceplanting into Meme's boobs, Meme and Anya vying for Tsugumi's partnership, Meme climbing into bed with Tsugumi, Tsugumi and Meme getting all blushy and flustered from seeing Anya in her waitress uniform — with three female leads, there's bound to be quite a bit of this.
    • Jacqueline trying to pair up with Kim feels very much like a girl trying to ask someone out.
      • The anime goes ahead and turns what could be considered subtext about Jacqueline's feeling towards Kim in the manga, into just plain text.
    • To sum it all up: there is at least one Les Yay example in nearly every chapter of the series, and they all range from being rather fluffy to Romantic Three Girl Friendship.
  • Moe:
    • Anya. So...Adorable...!
    • Kim's cuteness levels absolutely skyrocketed in this series as compared to how she is in the later half of Soul Eater. Which is saying a lot.
  • Pandering to the Base: Is accused of doing this to moe Slice of Life fanservice fans at the cost of alienating everyone else.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Few have taken well to the redesigns of Soul Eater characters in the anime. The main reason being that the characters look nothing like they did in the first anime due to the drastic style change. Examples include the female characters having this blush on their cheeks that is always present (something that wasn't in the original Soul Eater anime). Another common complaint is that the characters look either too young or too old than they should actually look in NOT when compared to Soul Eater. For example. Black☆Star is supposed to be around 12-13 in NOT, but his new design in the anime makes him much taller and older-looking.
    • Both the anime and manga made great changes to the setting of Death City, so much so that several fans who stuck with Soul Eater since the beginning barely recognize it. These changes include the buildings losing their Gothic and uniform appearance, and a land of green suddenly being really close in proximity to the city even though it used to be just desert. The biggest change, though, is that instead of the entire city being built like a hill with both the DWMA and buildings in one area, the city is now just on ground level and surrounds the DWMA, which still retains its original appearance and can only be reached by a long stair case.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Shaula is just a truckload of wasted potential. There was so much that could have been done with her, as the third Gorgon sister, but she is barely developed at all, her motivations aren't explored, and her relationship with her sisters (or anything about their shared background) isn't shown at all. Before the final episode, some fans were speculating that Medusa would be the one to kill her, and were hoping for at least one scene with the two of them together. Nope - she's defeated embarrassingly quickly and easily by Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme, three NOT students who have fought a handful of times in their lives. So much for "most superior of the Gorgons."
    • To most of the fandom, this can be argued to be the case for most of NOT's cast. Particularly Meme, and the fact that she was under Shaula's mind control most of the series. And Akane, and how he's actually a member of the Star clan. Both characters held great potential for some depth and Character Development, or at least some world building. But unfortunately, neither were executed very well, at least in the anime. Akane luckily got some time to shine in the main series during the final battle, but not much. This also applies to the many minor characters shown in the series such as Aaron (the boy with Blinding Bangs and headphones), Misery, and Altair.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • In Chapter 15 Shaula used her magic to take control of Eternal Feather to cause chaos in a flea market and then she forced her to commit suicide by letting her slash her own throat. At this point, a lot of folks expected Soul Eater NOT to take a serious turn and those who haven't read past this chapter like to point this moment out as one of the reasons why NOT is just as dark as Soul Eater. Unfortunately, this entire incident is easily solved and forgotten a chapter or so later and the story doesn't change in either direction or tone. Eternal Feather survived her injury thanks to Dr. Stein and Shaula hasn't been seen since. None of the characters talk about or think back to this incident, and it isn't until Chapter 29 that it is mentioned again, albeit for a joke rather then for anything plot relevant.
    • Meme and the fact that her memory loss is a side effect caused by Shaula's Mind Control, making her The Mole. This reveal held a lot of potential to give Meme more depth past being The Ditz, offering a good opportunity to look into her past and possibly show what kind of person she really was before the story. Unfortunately, the anime didn't even bother to do any of this and instead went directly for the obligatory "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight, and eventually ending the story showing the Meme is just the same person only without any memory problems. Most fans are hoping that the manga, which appears to be taking a different route, changes this.
    • The series entire plot can be easily summed up as simply a Slice of Life in the world of Soul Eater. Many fans were very disappointed in both the anime and manga for not taking advantage of the great potential such a premise holds.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Most of the background characters in the anime are drawn in a way that lands them straight into this territory.
    • There are several moments of Off-Model in every episode, which leads to the characters having either unusual anatomy, awkward faces, or both.


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