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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The Twitter Takeover celebrating the release of the game had a moment where Eggman received a message from Infinite which consisted of a file named Sonadow. This could either paint him as a Sonadow shipper or a massive troll. Either way, this paints him as being Not So Above It All.
  • Broken Base:
    • The Twitter account itself has split the fanbase since Aaron Webber's acquisition of it; one side thinks of it as an entertaining outlet that can relate to the fans and lighten the mood over the woes the franchise has gone through, while the other believes it to be an immature use of social PR full of unfunny memes that only highlight the franchise's woes through Self-Deprecation. With Webber leaving the account in June 2020, there's now a split between those who hope this means the account can start taking itself more seriously and professionally again, and those who hope that Katie Chrzanowski (Webber's successor) and the others can continue his style of entertaining Sonic fans.
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    • The use of Self-Deprecation humor in general. Some find it to be a clever, lighthearted and humorous way to poke fun at the franchise’s Dork Age, while others found it to be inappropriate given the franchise’s rather poor reputation and atomically fissioned fanbase, with the jokes only adding to that reputation and continuing to further cement Sonic’s status as a bigger punching bag and a joke on the internet than he already is. This is very noticeable with the complete ambiguity of the franchise's 30th Anniversary game, with some fans being fine with waiting on it through the Twitter account's innocent posts out of not wanting the franchise to have another big case of Christmas Rushed that has often plagued the franchise, while other fans keep growing more and more frustrated at the account not posting any news involving the game's progress, believing the account of using memes as a shameless attempt make up for it (see Misblamed).
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: During the Twitter Takeover, somebody asked the question, "Hey Shadow, how is Maria?" It's so awful that it's funny, and Eggman and Sonic's reactions to the question (as well as Shadow's reaction) are even funnier.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The Twitter Takeover with Eggman, Sonic, and Shadow had one question begin with Eggman reading it off for Shadow, only to stop cold and stammer that it's probably not a good question to ask. Sonic underestimates what it is and reads it anyway, catching himself a little too late when he processes what it was; "Hey Shadow, how's Maria?" The fact that the two of them, particularly Eggman, were trying to be respectful of Shadow's trauma shows they all have some sense of friendship when not starring in a game. (Though Shadow's Tranquil Fury reaction, as well as Sonic's panic afterwards, loops it right back around to Crowning Moment of Funny.)
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Shadow's favorite anime is Kill la Kill, as he states in the third and fourth Takeover events. Guess who his third Death Battle opponent is?
  • Misblamed: Perhaps unsurprisingly, the social media account tends to get a good amount of the blame for the franchise’s more recent misgivings, even if they’re only a social media account that doesn’t have much influence on the actual management and direction of the franchise.


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