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  • Awesome Music: Sonic World's theme and the Museum theme.
  • Cult Classic: The game can be rather expensive due to its rarity, but it has a following mainly due to Sonic World.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: The collection likely would have fallen into obscurity alongside the Sonic 3D Blast Saturn port if it wasn't for the 3D Sonic World, which is a big draw for both Sonic fans and Saturn fans who were disappointed by the cancellation of Sonic X-Treme and wanted a taste of what a 3D Sonic game on the Saturn could have been like.
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  • Polished Port: Along with the aforementioned 3D hub world and museum, the versions of the Megadrive games themselves have extra difficulty options with revised level layouts, Time Attack and Special Stage modes, and occasional extra polish like the option to use Spin Dash in Sonic 1 and smoother 2 Player VS mode in Sonic 2. There are occasional defects from being early ports, like some compressed recorded sound and moments of slowdown not in the original (Blue Sphere also lacks an Original mode, nerfing the speed and difficulty), but most of them don't significantly bog down the experience and the extra goodies outweigh them.
  • Porting Disaster: The In Name Only version is perhaps one of the greatest cases of "Why bother?" in video game history. Sonic's fast speed combined with the horrible screen turned most of the action into a monochrome, blurry, laggy mess. Each of the "games" included only feature three bastardised levels of their respective console equivalents and the soundtrack is turned into mind-numbing beeps and bloops. It is undoubtedly the worst Sonic game ever. Sega didn't make it; Tiger did, but it wasn't the best idea to let them. To add insult to injury, it was the very first game Sonic game Sega allowed to be made for a non-Sega handheld console, although their second and third attempts at that turned out significantly better.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Sonic World's 3D engine could've been made into a nice game for the Saturn, huh? Even more visible as the Sonic World's 3D engine was to be used in the Saturn incarnation of Sonic Adventure, as detailed in What Could Have Been.


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