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YMMV / Sonic Inflation Adventure

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  • Awesome Music: The music provided by Newgroudns composer The Owl and the Game is so catchy.
  • Designated Hero: Yeah, pretty much Sonic in a nutshell. He's responsible for murdering several females in the series while taking part in his fetishes. Even if it was accidentally, he takes no responsiblity for it and gets Knuckles in trouble for it. Not helped by the fact he's a pretty big dick in general.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Has a minor one with the fans of Sonic Dreams Collection over which is the superior parody of the fanbase.
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  • Trolling Creator: One of the more clever examples. The creator never actually breaks his troll character, but he's always complaining about the backlash against the game and people who aren't into body inflation when it's shown to be just an act. He's more or less hinted that he's just trolling the crap out of the base. Most notably are his complaints about the severe backlash about the game being exaggerated. It's been shown that the game is actually more praised than criticized. On top of that, he has a habit of going on swear-filled rants defending his games and ending each and every one of said obscene rants with the phrase "God bless".

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