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  • Awesome Music: It's Mackenzie Phillips, so you could just randomly point to any of the songs she sings on the show and pick a winner. They managed to write or choose ones that fit the strange, creepy or even light-hearted mood that the episode required.
  • Cult Classic: Despite Disney's... not so stellar treatment of the show during its run time or after or the fact that they refuse to release DVDs of the episodes, So Weird still has fans that Keep Circulating the Tapes online.
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  • Fanon Discontinuity: As the first two seasons are considered brilliant examples of a well-written series, most people reject the Lighter and Softer season 3 (which had new writers, a new main character, and an entirely new plot) as not being part of the show, to the point where even non-fan critics have accused the third season of almost being a low quality rip off of the seasons before it. It's also telling that the most popular kind of So Weird fanfiction is one that redoes the third season entirely.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: Molly and her twenty-year-old guitarist.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Annie. That she was seen as the face for the entire overhaul of the series' original writers, character arcs and Myth Arc hurt her a lot.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The show's original plot line was going to get so dark (involving Fiona going to Hell to rescue her father from demons, among other things) that Disney nixed the original plans for season 3 and instead tried to tone it down to make it more appropriate for children. In response to this the writers who had come up with, pitched, and written the show from the beginning quit, then Fiona's actress, Cara de Lizia, left the show, meaning that they needed new writers, a new main character, and an entirely new plot. What they threw together to replace what they lost resulted in Annie the Replacement Scrappy, every other character's arc being forgotten, and the Fanon Discontinuity listed above. Most think it would have been better if Season 3 had never been made.
    • Disney's aversion to the dark content of So Weird's planned finale seems almost laughably hypocritical in the face of the Gravity Falls finale a little over a decade later.

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