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YMMV / Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

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  • Complete Monster: Dr. Sergei Flostov is an enigmatic leader of the 23 Society. Using his secret society to spread his influence across the world, Sergei focuses his attention on the northwest region of Georgia, where he funds and supports the various war crimes of Russian-aligned separatists. Eventually, Sergei decided to start off his experiment at creating Super Soldiers, humans with enhanced physical abilities, by kidnapping numerous men and women and putting them through physical and mental torture, making them completely obedient to his commands. When a person proves to be incapable of being "broken", Sergei declares him "a failure" and sends him to his Slaughterhouse, where they get tortured to death and then hanged from the ceiling in a bag. Torturing Cole Anderson to death, Sergei successfully captures and brainwash Robert North, brother of Jon North, into being his chief enforcer by sadistically killing his wife and framing the US government.

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