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YMMV / Slums of Beverly Hills

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  • Retroactive Recognition:
  • Values Dissonance: Eliot who's between 20ish and 30s has sex with 14-year-old Vivian, nowadays with the age of consent in the United States in between 16 and 18, Eliot would be arrested and charged with rape of a minor, which he points out to Viviannote .
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  • Values Resonance: The story centers on Vivian's father moving his children around different addresses in Beverly Hills so they can take advantage of the education available there, thus having to dodge the authorities from catching on. In the 2010s, Kelly Williams-Bolar, a destitute mother of two daughters was arrested for falsifying their home address (listing her father's address) all so her daughters can achieve the education available there in her father's district. Alongside with the racial discrepancies (Bolar being a destitute black mother), there is more discussion about economic disparities in education for wealthier districts (where the public schools are well funded and families have the option to enroll them in private schools and hire tutors) or less privileged districts (where public schools are underfunded, families lack much choice aside from the controversial charter schools, and where many parents aren't equipped to prepare their children for college).