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YMMV / Sleeper Cell

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  • Awesome Music: "Beginning to End" makes for a very emotional finish to both seasons, but under extremely different circumstances.
  • Paranoia Fuel: "The Network" aka Al-Queda have people almost EVERYWHERE. The radical head Muslim "The Librarian" in Lampart Prison, the dishwasher in said prison (who is Librarian's means of contacting the outside world), Farik has a contact in the DMV, and there are also seemingly-random and non-descript Muslims who's purpose is to distract law enforcement and abduct important figures (even in poor backwaters like the Sudan). Ilijya is forced back into Farik's circle by a Bosnian girl who poses as one of his students. And "The Homeless Man" is one of the figureheads for the Network, giving Farik and others operational commands while passing as a derilect. These people could look like any other practitioner of Islam (or in some cases, like any other person period). It's a miracle they didn't manage to completely ruin the surveilance operations, so their reach is not infinite, but definitely still very unsettling.
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  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The series goes out of its way to argue that not all Muslims are extremists and that Islam forbids terrorism.

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