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  • Awesome Music: "Beginning to End" makes for a very emotional finish to both seasons, but under extremely different circumstances.
    • The OP music made by Mike Greene is also good to listen to.
  • Paranoia Fuel: "The Network" aka Al-Qaeda have people almost EVERYWHERE. The radical head Muslim "The Librarian" in Lampart Prison, the dishwasher in said prison (who is Librarian's means of contacting the outside world), Farik has a contact in the DMV, and there are also seemingly-random and non-descript Muslims who's purpose is to distract law enforcement and abduct important figures (even in poor backwaters like the Sudan). Ilijya is forced back into Farik's circle by a Bosnian girl who poses as one of his students. And "The Homeless Man" is one of the figureheads for the Network, giving Farik and others operational commands while passing as a derilect. These people could look like any other practitioner of Islam (or in some cases, like any other person period). It's a miracle they didn't manage to completely ruin the surveilance operations, so their reach is not infinite, but definitely still very unsettling.
    • There's another moment in the second season during a meeting about introducing new women to Islam. An undercover (disguised as a Muslim with a hijab) on-site agent is monitoring Mina to try to prevent her from abducting Gayle. But this effort is quietly intercepted by The Network. A sweet black lady who was leading the meeting goes to ask the agent why she didn't introduce herself, and then escorts her to check out some Islam conversion introduction books with two other Arabic women. We get the sense that the Arabic women are definitely Network operatives working to ensure Gayle will be kidnapped. But is the black lady also in on it? Is that just normal innocent religious fervour we see in her eyes and these women are manipulating her to help distract the agent, or is she showing a subtle unhinged terroristic flavour of piety? The paranoia fuel means we can't really tell with her.
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  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The series goes out of its way to argue that not all Muslims are extremists and that Islam forbids terrorism.

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