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YMMV tropes for the band:

  • Awesome Art: The now iconic album covers of Holy Mountain and Dopesmoker.
  • Awesome Music: All of it, but the latter three albums especially.
  • Cult Classic: They didn't last too long or release that much material, but all of their albums are now regarded as classics in the stoner doom genre.
  • Epic Riff: Every song has one, but special mention must go to the opening riffs of "Dragonaut" and "Dopesmoker".
  • Even Better Sequel: Sleep's Holy Mountain to Volume One. In turn, many regard Dopesmoker as being this to Holy Mountain.
    • Now with the 4/20 surprise release, 2018's The Sciences is just as good as its two predecessors.
  • Memetic Mutation: Dopesmoker itself is a meme, especially it's iconic opening line.
    • Matt Pike's perpetual shirtlessness.
  • Signature Song: "Dopesmoker" without a doubt, though "Dragonaut" is also very famous.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: "Dopesmoker" is an incredibly strange example. It's a metal album about Weed Jews, but it's so carefree and fun that it's difficult not to feel a dopamine release while listening.


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