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YMMV / Skyborn

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  • Awesome Art: Look at the character design! And then the art for the villains you battle! And, while you're role-playing, look at the background!
  • Awesome Music: Many players have commented on how wonderful the music is, and there is quite a demand for the soundtrack!
  • Tear Jerker: Several.
    • During Alda's story, where she tells the group about her final examinations.
    • Dhacian's death in the Alternate Dimension. Despite the fact that he was a bad guy, in the end, it's still a sad story.
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    • Chaska's fate in the ending. She's forced to stay in the Alternate Dimension, after the group defeats Qua' Lon. Chaska hated it there, but with Qua' Lon's death, if she doesn't stay, then magic in the world would disappear. Doesn't stop it from being heartbreaking, though.
  • The Woobie: Chaska. She appears to be a monster and is reviled by everyone who comes into contact with her, and so stays in the mines away from other people, despite hating the mines and appreciating beauty in her surroundings.

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