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YMMV / Sky Odyssey

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  • Game-Breaker: The Stealth Jet and the two UFO planes. The former is very maneuverable and fast while having great acceleration. The Gold and Silver UFO planes are not as fast, but they are very stable and yaw in a perfect horizontal line, which means easier canyon and tunnel flights, and do not stall at all. For bonus points, the Stealth Jet and the gold UFO can be obtained before starting the adventure mode.
    • Some portions of levels can be bypassed, making them significantly easier.
  • Good Bad Bugs: During the level "Over The Falls", some players have reported a bug where you don't slow down near the end, and uncontrollably crashed into the map border.
  • Moment of Awesome: There are a lot of these throughout a player's first run-through.
    • Finding the parts to make the shinden /shinden-kai and getting all the other planes in the game.
    • Mission moments include flying through: a thunderstorm,caves, waterfalls,mazes and flying in air currents.


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