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YMMV / Skeletonwitch

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  • Broken Base: Devouring Radiant Light. A fantastic reinvention of the band that manages to escape the specter of the Chance Garnette era, a boring slog that is a misguided attempt to be a "serious" band and fundamentally misses the point of why people liked them to begin with, or an album that, regardless of its quality, is Skeletonwitch in name only and should not have been released under that mantle?
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  • Seasonal Rot: While it has its fair share of fans, the general opinion regarding Serpents Unleashed is that it was a serviceable, but highly uninspired album from a band running on autopilot.
  • Signature Song: "Beyond the Permafrost" (for the Chance Garnette era) and "Red Death, White Light" (for the Adam Clemans era).

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