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  • Crosses the Line Twice: ROBERT HOMBRE BECOMES A GOD He doesn't.
  • Friendly Fandoms: Despite what one might expect, the Skate fandom generally gets along with the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater fandom. This is likely due to a combination of both games providing very different approaches to the sport (Skate aims to be a realistic interpretation of Skateboarding while Tony Hawk is insanely over-the-top), Skate coming into fruition just as the Tony Hawk franchise was about to die off, and with Tony Hawk effectively being dead after Pro Skater 5 salted the earth, most fans of that series are rooting for a Skate 4 just so that there can be any kind of modern skateboarding game.
  • Good Bad Bugs: The physics system, while very sophisticated, is fairly infamous for breaking down in absolutely hilarious ways.
    • A skater follows the way of Spider-Man... at supersonic speeds.
    • Apparently, civilians can hold on to your character and not give a damn.
    • Here's a little something you can try at home. Fire up Skate 3, set the difficulty to Easy. Then, do an ollie, and hold down either one of the triggers and B or O. As soon as you perform a Christ/One Hand air, hold down the other trigger to turn it into a Superdude. If done right, your skater will either be launched in the air, fall through the floor like it was nothing or get thrown in the air but as a twisted crumpled mess flying all over the place.
    • There are various glitches that let you get up to speed without much pushing, but by far the most potent is the "Backwards Man" glitch. Throwing your board, jumping, clenching your fists by pressing RB/R2 at the peak of your jump, and then pressing Y/Triangle to get back on your board just before you land results in insane speeds, sometimes over 100 MPH. If you go fast enough (and have a clear enough path to skate on), you can even end up out-speeding the camera.
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    • Just try and bail as Big Black in 2 without bouncing incredibly high into the air. It's practically impossible.
    • Some glitches can turn out to be just pure Nightmare Fuel.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Skate 3 pretty much unintentionally pioneered the YouTube-glitchy game videos.
  • That One Sidequest: The "Rob And Big" Pro Challenge in the first game has been maligned by the fanbase for being a tedious affair. Its completion requires performing a 360 Flip and an FS Crooked grind on the curved yellow bench, but there are some things that make this harder than necessary. First of all, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin routinely walks around the bench, and colliding into him will cause you to bail. Secondly, the Pro Challenge is set up in a way that forces Regular skaters to either Revert or change their position.note  Thirdly, the 360 Spin itself is a difficult-to-perform flip trick that grants limited airtime. And fourthly, the grind has to be an FS Crooked. BS Crooked grinds do not count.

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