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YMMV / Siren (2018)

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  • Anticlimax Boss: Tia. After a whole season of building her up as a dangerous combatant, the actual battle between her and Ryn lasts only minutes before Ryn puts two spears through her chest. Once Tia is dead, the rest of her army unite behind Ryn, effectively ending the conflict.
  • Anvilicious: The series has a strong and unsubtle environmentalist message, complete with a fake PSA about keeping mermaid habitats pristine.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Ryn getting her photo taken for a fake ID.
    • Plus, her horrible fake last name of "Fisher."
    • Later, the rest of the merpeople go in for them with the forger dryly stating "I don't think they're exchange students."
  • Ho Yay: Through a combination of not understanding human social norms, No Sense of Personal Space, and a possible hefty dose of Blue-and-Orange Morality, Ryn is really touchy-feely with both Ben and Maddie. By season 2, it stops being subtext.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many of the show's viewers admit that they mostly watch the show because it's one of the only shows on TV with a canon queer, interracial, polyamorous threesome at its center. The showrunners learned this the hard way when they decided to split Maddie off from the throuple in season 3, and the ratings tanked as a result.
  • One True Threesome: Ben/Maddie/Ryn.