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YMMV / Sinbad the Sailor

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Tropes used in the Seven Voyages:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Sinbad telling the unvarnished truth? Is he embellishing what happened? Or is he flat-out making things up for the sake of a good story?
  • Older Than They Think: A fun adventure story, but not particularly original? Sinbad did it first: Voyages Three and Four are both almost exactly copied off The Odyssey and tales of Aristomenes.
  • What an Idiot!: If Sinbad continues getting bad luck on the voyages he goes on, why the hell does he keep going off??!??!?!
    • In the early voyages, it was because he blew the fortune he made on the previous voyage on high living, and needed to make more money. Since he got into the dangerous voyage business after blowing his inheritance on high living, you'd think he'd have learned.

Tropes used in the Fourth Voyage:


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