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The TV series

  • Genius Bonus: In the third episode of the third season, Martha throws in a cute in-joke to her reader in an insanely high stakes murder trial to "don't *ever* do what I'm about to do." Barristers know what that "thing" is... re-examine when you don't know what the answer is. You might get away with that in cross-examination if the answer is one you can live with, but it's pretty much a suicide run for your case in re-examination if you're not very careful. Not a technique for the newbies.

The Comic Book

  • And You Thought It Would Fail: The Silk solo title seemed to be doomed from the start, given that she was a widely hated D-lister with the reins of the writing being handed over to a writer who was mainly in the TV business and only had a few issues of one obscure indie comic to his name. The result was that Silk ended up being one of the better Marvel comics through their '10s Dork Age, thanks to well-written storylines and improved characterization. It also launched Thompson's career as one of Marvel's more prominent writers.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Silk's new costume is considered a vast upgrade from her original one, which was heavily criticized for being impractical Fetish Retardant.
    • Black Cat getting characterization beyond crazy evil lady has filled readers with hope that she will move back to her usually more gray morality, and if not that at least giving her a better reason to be completely evil.
      • Issue 9 explains that before her run in with Doc Ock possessed Spider-Man Cat had been planning on retiring, but her arrest caused her to lose her nest egg and all her heroing didn't count for anything.
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    • Other characters still remember Cindy's more reckless behavior during Spider-Verse, and Cindy is still trying hard to win over their approval.
  • Creator's Pet: Hoo boy, she got hit HARD with this under Dan Slott's pen. From the very beginning, she was relentlessly pushed as Peter's perfect love interest despite having even less of a genuine relationship with him than the dreaded Carlie Cooper had, being ham-fistedly shoved into Peter's backstory during the Original Sin event and hooked up with him almost immediately thanks to having "pheromone abilities" that many fans unfavorably regarded (and referred to) as date rape powers. It only got worse from there when she was bitten by the exact same spider as Peter and instantaneously became better than him both in terms of powers and her fighting skill despite lacking any of his training, experience, or education. Since then she has unceasingly been shilled by the rest of the cast, with Slott going so far as to ruin Peter's relationships with other women by having Mary Jane and Carlie abandon Peter and New York and Black Cat inexplicably become a psychopathic terrorist to make Cindy look better, all with insanely flimsy motivations for doing so. It didn't help that she was shoehorned into Spider-Verse and swallowed the plot from much more iconic and well-liked characters, despite being a brand-new character in a series that was supposed to be all about Spider-Man's history. The ultimate example had to be Dan Slott repeatedly insisting that her presence alone was responsible for boosting sales of the book and claiming to have massive folders of fan mail praising her but refusing to ever show any proof of their existence. It wasn't until Robbie Thompson took over that fan appreciation caught up with creator appreciation.
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  • Growing the Beard: Under Robbie Thompson's helm, Silk became one of the good Marvel comics due to its favorable portrayal of Cindy Moon as naive but good-natured hero with Parental Abandonment.
  • My Real Daddy: Robbie Thompson is considered as the true writer for Silk, which her characterization and origins was fully developed.
  • Never Live It Down: Despite having been vastly improved under the writing of Robbie Thompson, Silk may never get to live down the awful first impression she left on readers during Slott's introduction of her.
    • One common reason people give for disliking her is the time she threatened to rape Peter, sighting that her 616 self is forever marred in their eyes because of this.
  • Older Than They Think: With "They" being Marvel themselves! They were very quick to bill her as the first Asian superheroine with her own series, which not only ins't true within the superhero genre (Cassandra Cain predates her by over a decade) but also Marvel themselves, as both Psylockenote  and Jubilee also predate her by over a decade.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Her introduction rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, from the way she was introduced via Retcon (it was originally stated flat out that the spider that bit Peter died immediately after it did so), her sudden ability to use certain powers even better than Peter, and Peter's Mentor Ship relationship with her (which later blossomed into an actual romance) at the expense of other preferred love interests. But her solo, which fleshed out her personality and gave her own plots, endeared her to a large number of readers.
  • The Scrappy: Between being a huge case of Remember the New Guy? and her causing the deaths of several popular characters during Spider Verse has made Silk a fairly unpopular character. That being said, Robbie Thompson has been able to salvage her by writing the character much better than Slott did, to the point where she's gained a sizable fanbase and Thompson is seen as the "real" creator.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The main reason why Silk was so hated at first prior to her ongoing. As noted here, the 'sex pheromones' Peter and Cindy give off to one-another that compels them to mate essentially lacks consent since neither can 'say no'. Making matters worse, Cindy didn't mind this but Peter was extremely uncomfortable with it and tried to stop himself repeatedly, his narration making it clear that he doesn't want to have sex with her, making it clear he didn't have any consent. Adding to this, Cindy would then try to use this as a means to get Peter to leave the city by threatening to break into his apartment so he'd be forced to sleep with her thanks to the pheromones; in other words, threatening to rape him unless he left. Naturally, nobody ever suggests that Cindy is wrong for doing this.


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