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YMMV / Silent Hill: Promise

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  • Archive Panic: Promise was a daily comic. Sometimes it got more than one update per day.
  • Fan Disservice: Perhaps in response to those asking for more skin shown on Vanessa, she has a nude scene in comic 1016, bloody and near-death from being stabbed through the chest and pretty obviously tortured.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The letter describing Vanessa and James watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Vanessa writing she likes the smell of smoke because it reminds her of James is oddly sweet.
    • This is Silent Hill we're talking about, and there's something not quite right about their relationship. Look at the way the picture has changed since she got into town, as well as the caption on the back. There's a reason that Vanessa is affected by Silent Hill the way she is and it looks like it has something to do with the relationship she had with her uncle.
      • Like the Incest Subtext? Yeah that's becoming...kinda more prominent. Vanessa does seem to have a certain bitterness towards Mary in addition to the photo's inscription changing from "to the prettiest bridesmaid" to "the prettiest" and how the picture goes from happy and positive to quite bleak. Yet Mary's expression never changes until recently. And she finds Borje so attractive yet comments he looks kinda like her Uncle James...
      • To add to that, her increasingly disturbing rage at anything that so much as reminds her of Mary. It starts off minor, with her remarking that she had never really liked the Virgin Mary on the basis of "He could have picked anyone" and despite being Catholic she had no problems smashing a statue of her to bits (note that the statue vaguely resembles Mary Shepherd-Sunderland in addition to sharing her name). She sees Marissa as a manipulative shrew and instinctively hates her, especially when Vanessa thinks Marissa's been around James. She has a dream of Mary/Maria as Odile (with a bonus James as Pyramid Head, no less). Her memories continuously warp until she convinces herself that James was miserable at his own wedding to Mary. And to top it all off, her absolute obliteration of a mannequin wearing Mary's wedding outfit, finished with Vanessa thinking, "She deserved this." Yikes.
      • She's also recently encountered a monster that resembles two figures having sex on a chair, that and her memories now tell her that she was drinking a lot at her uncle's wedding. It seems to imply they may have well slept together, or at least something happened.
      • And now we have Vanessa finding herself rather aggressively attracted to a mannequin of Pyramid Head. And we all know who he represents...

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