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YMMV / Sidney Sheldon

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  • Evil Is Sexy
    • Noelle Page, Larry Douglas (starts as The Casanova, but...), and Constantin Demeris (The Other Side of Midnight)
    • Michael Moretti (Rage of Angels)
    • Eve Blackwell and George Mellis (Master of the Game)
  • Fridge Logic: So, how exactly did Dana (from The Sky Is Falling) travel around the world in a couple of days without becoming jet lagged?
  • Manipulative Bastard: Kate in Master Of The Game really stands out. She pushes her son Tony towards a young woman. He rebels, fed up with her interfering in his life, and elopes with another girl. After the marriage, the reader learns that Kate wanted him to marry the second girl, but knew he'd never give her a second look if she suggested it. Hence, she encouraged him to date the first girl, correctly anticipating his reaction. This actually turned out to be for good, for a while, as the second girl was a genuinely wonderful person and perfect for Tony.
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  • Sci Fi Ghetto: Averted; The Doomsday Conspiracy and Are You Afraid of the Dark? both qualify as sci-fi but are shelved alongside his non-fantastic novels in bookstores.


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