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  • Cry for the Devil: About a volume after Veronika's introduction, the reason she’s so cruel and jaded is explained: She used to be a nun working as a doctor in a small European village, but because she befriended a group of gypsies and began a relationship with one of their women, she was persecuted along with them as a witch by a mob led by a Christian priest.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Dreaded, ruthless Khan; Genghis Khan himself. Born Temujin, and branded with the Tangut letters on his back marking him as a slave forever, the Khan seeks to destroy the Tangut script and the people of western Xia to forever remove knowledge of the brand on his skin. Utterly dominating the Mongol tribes through his dark charisma and power, the Khan sweeps through Western Xia and Jin, devastating all in his path with his brilliance and strength. Ever quick to turn any disadvantage back to his side, the Khan even handles the death of his son and commander Tolui by enslaving the young prince Yurul and forcing him to take Tolui's identity. A man who rose from nothing to become the greatest warlord the world had ever seen, the Khan decides he will burn all in his path, no matter how much fire it takes.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Just as Shut Hell was getting some Character Development and her revenge story was taking an interesting turn... she gets possessed by her reincarnation, who has not gotten much character development and is less interesting to the audience as a result. Said complaints promptly vanished when she came back, as was foreshadowed earlier on by Sudoh.


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