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YMMV / Shotgun

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  • Complete Monster: Fletcher Rivington is a slimy lawyer with a hand in drugs, prostitution, and crime throughout Los Angeles. Opening the film by ordering Rocker to murder an entire bar of people when they refuse to sell their land to him, Rivington is later revealed to be a vicious sexual sadist who regularly beats prostitutes, whipping them to within an inch of their lives. After beating one to death in a violent rage, Rivington is pursued by Ian "Shotgun" Jones, who begins breaking up his operations and thwarting his schemes, at which point Rivington has one of his own minions murdered to keep him quiet, then has Jones's best friend gunned down. In the end, Rivington executes Rocker when he tries to rat him out, and gleefully reveals his attitude that hookers were meant to be abused, and that with his money and power, he is given a free pass to anything.
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  • Special Effect Failure: The finale features a car with a flamethrower, which has a reach of maybe three feet, but somehow manages to ignite mooks who are standing much farther away from it.

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