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YMMV / Shoah

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  • Tear Jerker: Where to start?
    • Probably one of the biggest is the story of Avraham Bomba, a Jewish barber from Poland who was enlisted to cut inmates' hair before they were executed in the Treblinka concentration camp. When interviewed, he recounts how he was forced to watch as his friends and neighbors went to be gassed, knowing that he had to help the people killing them or risk death himself. He breaks down completely halfway through the interview.
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    • Mordechaï Podchlebnik, a survivor of the Chełmno extermination camp, was put to work disposing of bodies. When he saw the bodies of his wife and three children, he laid them down in the mass grave and begged a nearby guard to shoot him. In the interview, he starts to cry as he recalls this moment.

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