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  • Broken Base: More then a few people were upset with her sponsorship of Fort Nite, and that she's playing the game.
    • Initial responses to her one-million subscriber face-reveal video were... tepid to say the least. And then she made her Draw My Life videos, which includes her thoughts on the initial responses. Suffice it to say despite the accomplishment her heart wasn't really into the occasion.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Meghan moving in with Shannon, eventually causing Shannon to realize that for the first time, she had an actual friend. It isn't clear if Meghan was aware that Shannon needed help or she simply wanted to move in with her friend (even if poor Shannon's nihilistic attitude towards friendship blinded her to the fact she was one), but whatever the case, she dragged Shannon out of the darkest time of her life.
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  • The Woobie: As detailed in her Draw My Life videos, bad experiences with other people, the last straw being a False Friend not inviting her to a birthday party because she wasn't "cool", drove this poor girl into a nihilistic, toxic mindset that friendship didn't exist, a mindset that was further reinforced during a Mormon mission by an abusive partner. She did get a far nicer partner - Meghan - but then a preexisting double foot injury forced her to end the mission early, and the mission president told her that she was disobeying God by doing this, leading to severe depression that resulted in an aborted suicide attempt and her deliberately exacerbating the injury through hours-long aimless pre-dawn walks for the sake of just feeling something. It took a stray kitten, an epiphany triggered by the My Hero Academia episode "Shoto Todoroki: Origin", and Meghan moving in and simply not leaving to undo this damage to her mental state.

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