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YMMV / She-Wolf of London

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YMMV tropes in She-Wolf of London (TV series):

  • Complete Monster:
    • Dr. Hatchard, from "Moonlight Becomes You", is a scientist who discovered the existence of werewolves and decides to get rich off of it. Kidnapping an innocent werewolf, Hatchard keeps him in horrible conditions, forcing a change on him that results in extreme agony. Hatchard proceeds to take other prisoners and inject them with the serum he's made from the werewolf prisoner's blood to create a "Super Soldier", a process which inevitably results in agonizing death when the victims' muscles self-destruct. Hatchard has done this to many people, and when he captures the heroine Randi Wallace and her partner Professor Ian Matheson, he decides to murder his prisoner and replace him with Randi, before attempting to subject Ian to his serum, intending only to profit off the deaths of as many innocents as it takes.
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    • Samantha Stevens, from the "Can't Keep a Dead Man Down" two-parter, is the dean of Ian's college who is obsessed with reclaiming the Staff of Gilgamesh to grant herself dominion over the dead. She begins by raising the dead, resulting in the zombies devouring innocent people. Stevens is seemingly stopped and killed, but turns out to be alive and stabs Ian to death, later raising him as a freshly dead zombie to use his still-intact intellect. Stevens sends her zombies after another piece of the staff at a crowded museum, resulting in a security guard being eaten alive and many other people nearly killed as well. Intending to sacrifice Randi to complete the power of the staff, Stevens plans to revive the dead all over and use them to overwhelm the living until she reigns supreme over the world.


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