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YMMV / Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles

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  • Complete Monster: Lieutenant Garrison "General Blitz" Krieger, aka Dr. Garret Stromm, quickly establishes himself as one of the most evil characters in the franchise. A member of the IRON (International Robotic Operations Network) Army in World War II, Krieger infiltrated the U.S. Army and served in Sgt. Savage's unit, all of whom he led into a trap, with only Savage surviving the ensuing slaughter. Krieger then subjects Savage to horrific experiments in his attempts to create a super-soldier to help The IRON Army win the war. Having Savage cryogenically frozen after The IRON Army's defeat, Krieger turns himself into a cyborg and spends the next 50 years re-establishing The IRON Army in secret, helping to create the terrorist group Cobra in the process. When Savage's frozen body is located by the G.I. Joes, Krieger dispatches an executioner robot to kill Savage and any Joes that get in its way. Krieger then initiates his master plan: Using a satellite weapon to take control of Earth's computer systems, then leading The IRON Army in the conquest of the world. Savage, though brutally beaten and taunted by Krieger, manages to stop his plan, but not before Krieger makes his escape. A vicious would-be dictator, Krieger was willing to betray, torture, and murder anyone who got in his way to ensure The IRON Army's domination of the world.


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