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YMMV / Seitokai Yakuindomo

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  • Awesome Music: The series has songs that are far more epic than any Sex Comedy has a right to be, "March of the Student Council Officers" (both versions) and "Watashi wa Event Goto wa Kakasanai no da!" being good examples.
  • Epileptic Trees: One fandom joke is that SYD is actually a hentai universe forced to become a Slice of Life comedy because Genre Savvy Takatoshi refuses to play along and pretends to be Oblivious to Love because responding would mean being made to go from one sex scene to another on the flimsiest of "plot" excuses instead of a normal life.
  • Les Yay:
    • Aria jokes that all the girls that go to Ousai are only interested in other girls. She does it completely straight-faced, though, so Suzu and Shino decide to clarify that they're straight.
    • The only confirmed bisexual in the series is Aria's maid, Dejima, who enjoys sniffing Aria's used clothing and loves the fact that part of her job is helping Aria dress, undress, and bathe.
    • A non-invoked example would be the fact that Shino sometimes fondles Aria, and once chewed her ear erotically, which Aria enjoyed.
    • In the second season and some of the OVAs Hata gets very chummy with Kaede, and really relishes it when she catches her wearing a fanservicey Halloween outfit.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Calling Uomi "Tsuda's official wife" quickly got picked up by certain fans after some untranslated strips revealed that she'd decided to use their relatives getting married as an excuse to get closer to Takatoshi through First-Name Basis and making food for him. Not to mention that she once "jokingly" tried to get him to sign a marriage license in the third second season OVA.
    • Many fans have also taken the "Flag-Crusher" nickname Uomi gave Tsuda and ran with it, especially since he has many, many Oblivious to Love moments with most of the girls.
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