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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: This happens for some on the context of Bart and Cindy's relationship to one another. Some would believe there is romantic undertones while some would argue there are none. It is clear Bart has an Oedipus Complex to his mother but the character Cathy compares to herself the most in the narrative is Cindy. Certain parts also read in favor of the interpretation. Despite disliking her, Bart decorates Cindy's room exactly as she would like it—she marvels at this. Later, Cindy wears a revealing dress in Bart's favorite color which ends with him taking her upstairs for a spanking. Plus when Bart catches her engaged in sex with a guy, both times he brutally assaulted both boys. The latter ending with her taking her back into the house while still naked to be spat upon by the Evil Uncle who condemns all sex as evil. The most telling example is in one speech he says he has nothing but spite for her, yet a few paragraphs later he mentions that sometimes when he looks into her room to check on her, she knowingly lets him look at her while she's wearing little more than skimpy nightgowns. He blatantly outright seems to think maybe she would want him to do to her what Chris does to Cathy. So even if YMMV on how sincere he is, that would practically imply he at some point thought about it.
    • Oddly enough Melodie, a character who by this point in the novel was rather out of life makes one comment that no one else really bothers to dwell on. Upon seeing Cindy's taste in a boyfriend she remarks that Cindy seems to like dark men like her brothers. Which besides all of the above earlier Cindy took Melodie's place in dancing the Delilah to her other brother's Samson.
  • Broken Base: The above elements seem to have been a dormant one for years. As some see that as a romantic undertone to repeat the cycle. While others see it as just a hideous family relationship based on spite.
    • Within the book itself Cathy sees Cindy and Bart on tv together singing, which only confirms they have patched things up but is still something one could read subtext into.
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  • Narm: Cathy's death from old age in the movie, given that Rachel Carpani (her actress) is only in her late thirties and not a lick of effort was made to make her look older.
  • Tear Jerker: Cathy's death Especially so, in the movie.
    • Melodie's "Dear John" letter to Jory, in which she tearfully derides herself as a "coward" for her failure to deal with his paralysis. Cathy can't bring herself to tell him that their marriage wouldn't have lasted even if he hadn't been injured, having realized that what Melodie said was indeed true, that she couldn't cope with the changes that life might bring.
  • The Woobie: It's easier to feel sorrier for Bart than for anyone else in the family. He never seems to have a fulfilling relationship, romantic or otherwise, and his parents favor his older brother and younger sister (both of them attractive dancers) over him. Even his own mother thinks that he will never find true love due to his Oedipus Complex (in some fairness, she is right).
    • His mother did wish he will find love though, but most likely knows he will not due to his incestous feelings for her. To be fair, though Bart feels betrayed by his family, in truth, he did betray them, as his mother points out to him. His anger and violence might be justified, but does not excuse the means, Bart does do things to provoke his family. His parents might prefer his siblings to him and his nephew and niece, but because of the unkindness he shows them, because they felt betrayed by him, though it is not entirely one sided. They do love him though just as much though. Bart evens admits during the eulogy that his father was a great father, and Bart and Cathy do make peace. In the note his mother leaves at the end, it basically sums up that she and Chris have loved all their children equally, but for Bart it was not too late and it will not ever be too late. It is probably one of the most heartwarming moments of the book.

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