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  • Broken Base: A minor one, concerning the relaunch title's gimmick of the team having their minds wiped after every mission. Either it's an interesting idea, it ruins the book, or it's a silly concept but ignorable enough for them to focus on the team itself.
    • The loss of Mockingbird, Taskmaster (two of the most popular characters from the run) and Quake for MODOK and Spider-Woman for the relaunch was splitting the base from the moment the relaunch was announced.
      • What doesn't help matters is that the new volume's writer Ales Kot has specified that Bobbi and Quake probably won't play a part in anything he's got planned, and Bucky's new ongoing (also written by Kot) has kept Bucky and Daisy together but no has no mention of Bobbi, or where she went. While there's plenty of fans who like the new series and don't mind this, a number of fans, especially fans of Mockingbird, aren't too happy by her being Put on a Bus.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Mockingbird and Taskmaster.
    • From the Infinity tie-ins, there's Sarah Garza a newly awakened Inhuman SHIELD computer technician. For a character who only appeared for two issues, she was very well liked, with many fans wanting her back.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Sure, Barbara was apparently working for the Cult of Entropy, Forson, and killed a group of SHIELD agents years ago, but it's hard to hold it against her when she looks so miserable and Forson makes it obvious that her life is only worth anything if she's with him. That the last two issues consist of her seeing Forson brutally have Yelena murdered while she was wearing camotech that made everyone believe that she was Mockingbird, then almost being murdered by Forson after fighting back, lying on the floor and looking like she might stay there and bleed to death for a few panels before she gets up and staggers to the door.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Forsen is introduced doing his, by having entire legions of AIM scientists kill themselves while he clearly enjoys it. Hill crosses it when she deactivates Mockingbird's memory implants to stop her fulfilling the mission to kill Forsen, resulting in Bobbi collapsing), then waking up inside AIM island with no idea what she's doing there. She also has Clint and Natasha's memories altered so they think Bobbi wasn't on the mission in the first place so they'll leave her behind. Bobbi is now trapped behind enemy lines, with no idea what she's doing there, no idea how she got there, and no way to get help and escape. In short, Hill just left her to die without a second thought. This is after, mind you, she arranges to have Daisy fired from her position and tries to argue that she should have criminal charges against her, at least partially just so she can get the top position again.
    • Daisy attempting to have Forson assassinated to send a message after the death of someone she cared about, putting the entire team in danger and putting Maria in the position where she had to cross a line and leave Bobbi on the island. She also says that she's got what she wanted and doesn't even try to stick around to see what happens to the team that she sent in, considering her part done.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Forsen. He played the whole team right from the beginning. To sum it up, the mind-wiping tech? Forsen was the one who made it, and he apparently already used it on Mockingbird before the series started.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Originally, while the title was Secret Avengers, it focused heavily on Steve Rogers rather than the rest of the original cast or keeping their activities below radar during Brubaker's run. Later runs seemed to have addressed this with other characters getting more time in the spotlight, as well as a increased emphasis on not being identified.
    • The second volume is well defined by their title. Roughly half of the team are SHIELD agents while the other half are Avengers with SHIELD agent and spy backgrounds, or some sort of connection to SHIELD or spies (Bruce Banner is currently working with SHIELD and Clint was a member of the World Counter-terrorism Agency in New Avengers: The Reunion and Hawkeye & Mockingbird). Not only are their missions black ops, but the Avengers themselves don't know that they're on the team unless they're working; the team is a secret to anyone who isn't directly involved.
  • Tear Jerker: Natasha telling Clint that the Secret Avengers team isn't like the Red Room, and that they get to walk away tomorrow with no memory of this, and that he should consider it a gift. Given that we've seen Natasha being given false memories so that she can be put in position to kill people, and that she's later regretted it, killing people who are actually dangerous, but not losing her entire life to her job is a gift for her. Walking away from her bosses after her Heel–Face Turn almost got her killed.
    • Taskmaster rescuing Mockingbird from A.I.M. and trying to talk to her and convince her to escape, despite the character being borderline catatonic. He wonders what happened, shortly before being attacked by his apprentice. When he comes to, he swears that Mockingbird will tear through the walls, only to be told that she's dead. Even with the masked, he looks shocked and sad. Made even worse when a figure appears behind him and shoots him in the head, killing him. And it's Mockingbird.
    • #15 has Clint crying while he holds Bobbi's body in his arms after she is shot (it turns out to be Yelena when the camotech is deactivated) and in #16 he quits the team after what happened to her. Maria doesn't blame him.
    • #16 has Maria looking upset as she activates the reverie on Rhodey and Hawkeye, since this team was her dream, and not only is one member dead, another likely is, and two others have left. Not only that, but she's been backed into a corner and had to make a deal with MODOK in order to weed out the people working for AIM within SHIELD.
  • Too Good to Last: Was relaunched for a second time due to Nick Spencer being put on Avengers World, resulting in several storylines being quickly and partially wrapped up.

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