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YMMV / Search and Rescue Woods

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  • Loosely Based On A True Story: People really do go missing from national parks under mysterious circumstances semiregularly. Look up "The Missing 411," a nonfiction book about the phenomenon.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The fucking stairs. Inexplicably appearing in the woods with no apparent cause, never the same set twice, and able to either make people disappear just by someone else climbing them, or grievously (and often fatally) injure people who climb/touch them, like the woman who touched a set and had a blood vessel in her brain literally explode, killing her instantly. They are never explained, and while nothing else that's in the forest is exactly given an explanation either, they're the single recurring element in the entries and steadily grow more disconcerting as more is revealed about just how dangerous they are.
    • Also, the monster made from meat and hair that can mimic sounds. Just what the fuck.
  • Referenced by...:
    • The 'pasta He Who Eats theorizes that the anomalies in the park may be how a Manitou marks its territory.
    • The backflipping man cameos in the My Property Isn't Normal series, as do the stairs. Cole climbs them, and his Men in Black contact scolds him because they ripped all his toenails out.
    • In BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm, a set of stairs can be seen in one part of the game's The Lost Woods-style dungeon. Thankfully, they're off the path in the distance, and can't actually be reached.
    • Art Bell accidentally fell for the story on his Midnight in the Desert show, likely due to doing research for a pending interview with the author of the above-mentioned "Missing 411", David Paulides.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The story about the man with Down's syndrome getting lost in the woods, suffering from frostbite and disease, and dying in the hospital after being rescued, begging the officer to tell his mother that he was sorry for walking away from her.
    • One father took his family of five on a snowshoeing trip despite being warned against it due to the severe weather conditions. One veteran officer (the narrator's friend) finds a shivering corpse, a child who had come to seek help. Turns out that the entire family had fallen afoul of a snow shelf, with both parents and one child hitting a rock and dying, one child had a broken leg and couldn't move, and the final surviving child went out to find help, but got caught in the aforementioned snowstorm. He died in what the friend called "one of the most pitiful positions she's ever found a corpse in" - sitting upright, arms wrapped around his knees, and face inside his coat in a vain attempt to stay warm, and tears frozen on his crying face. She repeatedly expressed her hope that the father was burning in Hell for what he'd done.
    • A mentally and physically impaired child had gone missing without a trace from a picnic late fall. Almost three months later, his body was found strangely intact. Furthermore, he had been hugging a block of ice carved crudely into the shape of a human.
    • One story featuring the narrator recounting how there was a call of a couple screaming for help - realizing soon after that their 15-month-old child was dead from a massive head injury. The narrator later learned from contacts in the hospital that the couple had been out for a hike when the baby got fussy, so the father took him out of the sling to hold him for a bit, standing near a gully to enjoy the view. When the mother approaches, she slips on a bit of loose soil, knocks into the father's shoulder, and he winds up dropping their child for a twenty-foot fall. When the SAR team arrived, she was inconsolable and he was in denial, having put their now-dead child back into his sling. The worst part is, it was just a freak accident.