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  • Nightmare Fuel: From episode 122, about Zika, the story about execution by mosquito in Alaska.
  • Squick: As might be expected from a medical podcast, occasionally the show gets gross. However, a few particularly notable episodes:
    • "Self-Experimentation" gets special mention for one moment: in an attempt to prove that cholera was not solely caused by a bacteria, a doctor drinks his patients' cholera diarrhea. (In fairness it was cholera diarrhea, meaning it was mostly water. On the other hand it was cholera diarrhea and he drank it.)
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    • As mentioned above, "Cataracts", episode 59, for reasons of Eye Scream.
    • The episode on the Guinea worm, episode 94, deeply upset Justin.
    • Justin similarly did not like the premise of episode 109, about roundworms. He was particularly...enthused about the possibility of them continuing a multi-part series on worms.
    • Episode 126, "Hookworms". No points for guessing why. note 
    • This was followed up by 127, "Vinegar". Despite the innocuous subject matter, learning what people do with "mother", the stuff skimmed off the top of vinegar after the fermentation process, caused Justin to note that they'd talked about a lot of whack stuff on the show, "but I've wanted to throw up for the past thirty seconds."
    • Episode 130, "Poop". An hour of poop talk. Sydnee actually confesses the week after she thought the audience would be more amused and less disgusted.
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    • Episode 133, "Earaches". Nothing to do with ears in particular, but a particular archaic cure for an earache, involving a partially-decomposed and minced mouse (which, if it were not bad enough, Justin has a thing about mice).
    • Episode 157, "Pelagra": One of the methods used to prove that pelagra wasn't a communicable disease but was caused by something lacking in the diet:
      Sydnee: ...And no one got sick!
      Justin: One person got sick! His name is Justin McElroy, and they somehow got him in 2016!
    • Episode 166, "Chapped Lips", has a rare instance of Justin grossing Sydnee out. One of the old remedies? Urine. Particularly urine from young males. Justin riffs on the idea in ways that Sydnee finds...unpleasant.
    • Episode 173, "Sinuses". An unnamed patient of Doctor Nathaniel Higmore accidentally furthered knowledge of sinuses by pushing things up her nose, the description of which Justin quietly asks Sydnee to stop telling partway through. She does not.
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    • More or less the entire Mutter Museum (episode 195), the caretakers of which actually maintain a list of which displays cause the most fainting by museum patrons. note 
    • Episode 214, "Home Alone", discusses the various injuries that should or could have been suffered by the Wet Bandits. Among them, when they're smacked in the face with full paint cans, it should have broken their orbital sockets, which could have resulted in the muscles that control their eyes getting caught in the cracks and locking their eyes in place; and when Harry's head is blowtorched, she opines that his skull should have started melting.
    • Episode 253, "Black Salve", includes the rather memorable phrase "Her nose sloughed off."
    • Happened to Sydney for the first time in "The World of Warcraft Plague", when she learns the term 'poopsocking'.


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