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  • Anvilicious: Released right in the middle of a bad recession and a heated debate on health care, the writers give us an opening trap featuring two bankers who gave loans to people they knew couldn't pay, and the main game's victim, William, is an executive at a health insurance company who is forced to make some fantastically gory life-or-death decisions for his co-workers before getting killed by the widow and son of a man he denied coverage. One scene is an outright Author Filibuster in which Jigsaw, in a flashback in William's office, states that it's hypocritical to attack the government for trying to take life-and-death decisions away from doctors and their patients, when the health insurance industry does this regularly by denying coverage.
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  • Idiot Ball: John Kramer/Jigsaw, on an absurd level. In one of the many flashbacks in this installment, John Kramer is seen meeting William for the first time at a party where he chides William for his abhorrent policy on denying insurance claims. In a subsequent flashback, we find out that, at some later date, for some insane reason, proceeds to buy insurance from this guy, despite knowing for a fact that he routinely screws people over. Worse, when William unsurprisingly denies his claim for a radical medical treatment in Europe for his cancer, Kramer just gives up on trying to get the treatment in spite of the fact that he is rolling in money. He could just cancel his policy, tell William to go to Hell, fly off to Europe, and get the treatment. It makes no sense for him to just give up on life when he has the wherewithal to be treated.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: William especially by the end.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Brent, for his horribly annoying and murderous behavior. Not even having recently lost his father made him in any way endearing or likeable, or even understandable.
    • Shelby from the Carousel trap and Simone from the opening trap. Simone gets subtly Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in The Final Chapter, but Shelby? No such luck.
  • Signature Scene: The Carousel trap. Creative, tension filled, gorey, and over the top in a way that worked. It's a memorable scene that combined a lot of elements from previous Saw films and spun them in a way that felt original.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: It was regarded by fans and critics alike as a huge improvement over the two previous sequels and generally regarded as a worthy successor to the original trilogy.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Unlike previous and future protagonists, William seems to have made a genuine Heel–Face Turn by the end of his test. In an opportunity to give a fresh resolution where a Jigsaw game succeeded in its goal to rehabilitate the subject, William instead gets brutally murdered anyway because it wasn't up to him to begin with.


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