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YMMV / Satan's Hollow

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  • Complete Monster: Burdaine and Jacob are a pair of Satan-worshipping cultists who engage in Human Sacrifice to gain power from their infernal benefactors. Burdaine, when he was still human, orchestrated the kidnapping and sacrificial murder of numerous people, including the massacre of Sandra's whole family, personally stabbing her baby brother through the chest with a ceremonial dagger. After botching the ritual due to Sandra's father sacrificing his own life to allow her to escape, he is transformed into a Living Shadow known as the "Shadow Man" by the Devil as punishment. Together with his new partner-in-crime in the present, the Shadow Man sacrifices more people as part of the new ritual in order to satisfy all the members of Satan's court and open the portal to Hell, including a young boy who was already traumatized from a previous encounter at the Hollow. He possesses Sandra's husband John in the process and frames him for the kidnappings immediately after sending his soul to Hell to be tortured by demons. Along with the promise of having Sandra herself become their personal Sex Slave, Burdaine and Jacob were fully prepared to plunge the whole world into Hell for their own gain.

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