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  • Creator's Pet: De Afgevaardigde van de Minister was this in the two last seasons (2004-2005).
  • Fake Guest Star: Both the actors wo played Frieda Kroket and De Afgevaardigde van de Minister have always been credited as guest stars, though they were part of the regular cast of the show for some period and both characters have appeared in live performances.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The actor who played the mayor actually became a mayor.
  • The Scrappy: Even it's suppose to be children's show and the cast are Adult Childs, many characters will annoy some fans when the writers exgerrate or flanderize them too much:
    • Alberto Vermicelli became sadly the worst. In the very first seasons (1990-1993), Alberto was simply a Ted Baxter-looking barber-opera singer who only liked to eat very much, yet he never hurt anyone with it. In fact, he even helped the others many times. But then came the Flanderization in 1994, which ran all the way until the series' end in 2005. He became an very dumb (if not retarded) Manchild Eric Cartman-like Jerkass with almost no respect for his friends, or other civilians from the same fictional town. His Small Name, Big Ego became over the top and now he thinks he is God, being better then everyone and demanding everything he wants, and then rants like a child if the others refuse to do it. His Big Eating also became exgarrating, he constantly talks about food, even during a discussion to help one of the characters who has problems (a typical plot in the show). Many episodes shows him plotting jerkish schemes to snatch food from others. Some episodes even portrays him as a complete Jerkass who delights in causing misschief and madness and bullying people; and on top of that he gets away with most of it, mostly because the others just stupidly let him go. It's very hard to think of why the titular characters and the other friends are still friends of him while he's abusing them, or the creators/writers didn't put him on a bus yet, or at least have the main cast break up with him and demote him to a recurring villain, so he still would be in the show.
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    • De Afgevaardigde van de minister: He used to be a normal, neutral recurring character, but after too many actors left the show, the writers (rather than creating new characters or hiring other Darrins) Flanderized into a main character for the last five seasons. He also became the Creator's Pet, since many of these season's episodes went directly about him. And the man has almost never contact with the other characters, or screen-time. His only appearance is to snarl at the main cast for not doing his job properly. And keep in mind that only two of the cast (excluding de Afgevaardigde) are goverment workers (De Burgermeester and his assistant Eugene Van Leemhuyzen), so this guy comes off as a dictator to his people.
    • Unlike the two above example (who got to stick around), Frieda Kroket, a character so despised, the writers had to write her out after only three seasons.
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    • Eugène Van Leemhuyzen: He is a nice guy, but he has been flanderized too much. Now his cloudcuckooness is over the top, and most of his jokes are forced upon by the writers.
    • The mayor also became this after too much of flanderization. Originally, the mayor appeared as a slightly bumbling, but good-hearted and well-meaning man. Mostly after the introduction of his secretary Eugène Van Leemhuyzen, the mayor Took a Level in Jerkass and began to act as a selfish Bad Boss to his assistent.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In the earliest seasons, Samson could be be quite scurrilous and mischievous, but after a few years he became an always nice, honest and morally incorruptible character.

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