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  • Heartwarming Moments: Momoka does this for Lemon Fried Chicken in episode 4. Though she cheats to win in the shooting game they were competing against, she allows him to take some pictures with her in one of those photo booths due to being caught up in the spirit of the game after she wins and due to him being a Worthy Opponent. She does immediately regret it after she gets home though.
  • Les Yay: Urara has an unhealthy obsession with Miou, to the point where, prior to Momoka, she's been scaring off any new applicants to the club. Momoka however would have none of her BS and just gave Urara a taste of her own medicine... which only made Urara also smitten with Momoka. All of this is played for laughs however.
    • In-Universe, Yayoi falls victim to this among her classmates in regards to Miou. The wacky hijinks that ensue from her attempts to destroy the Survival Game Club lead them to assume that the two are in a relationship. Her fervent denials to the contrary have only reinforced this perception.
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    • Maya has an entire opposing survival club's worth of raging lesbian fangirls, as she finds out to her horror once they take out the rest of her friends one after the other.
    • The 6th OVA takes the Les Yay quotient and jacks it up through the ceiling. In the span of 10 minutes you're treated to:
      • Urara's affection towards Momoka reaching its breaking point.
      • Miou and Momoka kissing each other.
      • Urara getting aroused over the aforementioned bulletpoint.
      • Urara's lesbian harem imagine spot.
      • Urara salivating over the possibility of being able to command Momoka (they're playing the King's game) and Momoka relenting to her perverted whims.
      • Urara french kissing Maya.
  • Memetic Mutation: Shoujo Anime! (followed by an image of the usually bloody aftermath of Momoka's antics). Explanation 

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