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  • Awesome Music: Masayoshi Ooishi and Maaya Uchida return from the previous show to sing the opening and ending for SSSS.Dynazenon, "Imperfect" and "Strobe Memory" - both of which are absolute bangers.
    • Shiro Sagisu also returns to do the show's soundtrack. This time around, he gives us "All This Time," a catchy little tune that sets the mood for the team's day at Tokyo Beachland in Episode 5. And just like before, the earliest battles are set to a rocking remix, "All This Metal," which picks up the pace to better suit the exhilaration of Team Gauma laying the smackdown on the Kaiju of the week.
    • The other main battle theme, "All This Human," is a techno fusion of both "All This Time" with Gridman's "Human Love" that starts out surprisingly foreboding before quickly getting into the juicy action bits.
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  • Epileptic Trees: Chise had spawned many different wild fan theories during the show's airing, even on this very wiki, due to her then unclear role in the narrative, and the fact the opening seemed to be foreshadowing that she would have a larger role in the story.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Even more so than its predecessor because there is no reset button in this world. The city is continuously being attacked and destroyed with hardly anytime to rebuild in between kaiju attacks. It only gets offhandedly mentioned, but the level of destruction, and presumably deaths, that there's in-universe debate about moving the capital away from an area of high destruction like Tokyo has become. The heroes only vaguely acknowledge the level of destruction and chaos they're aiding in causing with the giant kaiju fights.
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  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Compared to the more straightforward Yomogi x Yume pairing that hardly anyone argues against, fans are a bit split on who they like seeing Koyomi with more, though a full-on shipping war hasn't broken out in the fandom just yet. Some enjoy seeing his more casual interaction with Chise, while others find his meetings with Mujina to be quite fascinating, especially considering how different they appear at a first glance. And on the Ho Yay side, Koyomi gets shipped with Gauma a lot due to their Odd Friendship.
  • Special Effects Failure: The CGI, like Gridman before it, is animated like it's being shot on a soundstage, stiff bulky costumes and all. However, there's more 2D animation from both Dynazenon and Gridknight this time around, making the changes between the two styles obvious when they go from the usual 3D style to a more fluidly animated 2D one.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: SSSS.DYNɅZENON is probably the closest thing to a new entry in the Brave Series that we're going to get for a while, considering it's about a group of young people piloting a Combining Super Robot to fight against Mechanical Kaiju. Double points that the titular DYNɅZENON's functions feel like GaoGaiGar's (With the Dyna Soldier being the equivalent of GaiGar).
    • Also acts as one to Studio Trigger’s earlier work, Kiznaiver, due to involving heavy themes of bonds and working through trauma with the help of others. Characters in both also get scars that represent their bonds to the other characters.
  • Unexpected Character: Due to the first six episodes making it seem like this show didn't have a major connection with its predecessor SSSS.GRIDMAN, viewers weren't expecting the return of Gridknight at the very end of Episode 6. Or for that matter, the next episode showing that he's joined with Anosillus the 2nd.


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