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YMMV / SD Gundam Gaiden Kikoushin Densetsu

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  • Iron Woobie: Neo Gundam. He starts off by being hunted down by the Delaz Empire for reasons unknown to him, is forced to fight after Delaz attacks Dabat, is continuously hunted on his search for the Armor Gods, is forced to fight the person revealed to be his older twin brother (who he is nearly killed by), has the traumatic reveal that he is actually one of the princes of the fallen moon kingdom of Selenis, is forced to kill his own older brother, and fights Sieg Mabuze to prevent a repeat of Selenis's destruction in Saddrac. Despite all of this, all of Neo's experiences made him stronger and he kept pushing through to the end.
    • Luna Gundam can qualify for this trope as well. In the far past, he and Neo were forced to escape the moon kingdom due to a war, were separated as a result of an ambush, and woke up several centuries later to be put under brainwashing (which failed). He managed to help his twin escape from it and help him from afar, but after this was discovered by Atomic Gundam he was brainwashed successfully by Sieg Zeon. Upon his death, his soul merged with Neo, serving as a source of guidance to him. The manga takes it a step further by having his soul perform a Heroic Sacrifice to defeat Sieg Mabuze by restraining him (which caused him to disappear). Why did he endure all of this? To protect Neo.
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  • Unexpected Character: SD Gundam, as indicated by the title, usually features characters based off of both mechs and characters from the Gundam franchise. So to see characters based off of mechs from God Mars, a completely unrelated work, is highly surprising.

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