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YMMV / Runaway

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  • Awesome Music: The film does benefit considerably from having the late, great Jerry Goldsmith as its soundtrack composer. Notably, it was his first attempt to create an all-electronic score, and in that regard it certainly doesn't disappoint.
  • Complete Monster: Dr. Charles Luther is a genius roboticist and hacker who creates spiderbot assassins, a gun with heat-seeking bullets, and a chip that can turn any regular robot into a weapon; all for sale on the black market to the highest bidder. Luther kills almost everyone he encounters over the course of the movie in increasingly brutal fashion. Additionally, he regularly beats his girlfriend, tries to kill her when she's taken by the police to keep her from talking, and ultimately puts a knife through her skull the second she is returned to him as part of a hostage exchange. His final encounter with Sgt. Jack Ramsay is designed to psychologically torture the cop as much as possible—he kidnaps his son Bobbie, sets up the exchange on top of a high rise to play to Ramsay's acrophobia and vertigo, then releases Bobbie—only to inform Ramsay that his robots are waiting to kill the first person who exits the building.
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  • Narm: The idea of a malfunctioning robot menace could be more effective if they all weren't just boxes with wheels.


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