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  • Designated Love Interest: Beth to Georgio. Beth is heads over heels for Georgio and their crazy spinning limo and Georgio goes on a personal mission to find Beth when the two of them are separated, but there's nothing else about them beyond the "friendship blooms into love" gimmick.
  • Memetic Mutation: Giorgio confirmed for Part 9 protagonist of JoJos Bizarre Adventure.Explanation 
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  • Narm Charm: The game aims to be this with a 70's film grain, cheesy voice-acting and Stock Footage for anything outside of the limousine. The game makes up for it with being fun to play, though.
  • Rated M for Money: Subverted. While the game does have copious amounts of blood (though nothing beyond red mist with no gore), the game developers are peeved at the mention of "Use of Drugs", assuring that what Georgio eats to see Jeffery are nothing more than candy dots (although those scenes have drug-related jokes). The developers lampshade the rating by saying they have more blood than Dark Souls II, but thankfully not enough to be compared to Manhunt 2.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Georgio is a guy... maybe? It doesn't help that while Georgio grows a Beard of Sorrow briefly, they are played by a woman. Further confusing the issue is that the beard in question may be fake in-universe, as instead of shaving, Georgio unhooks it.


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